What are keys that Windows supports but are not often on any keyboard, like the F13-F24 keys – or is that all of them?

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This question does not have exact answer because you write "not often on any keyboard" which sounds vague. On the other hand, I understand the merit of the question.

I was examining this topic some time ago and based on list of Keyboard scan codes and its programmatic testing I compiled the following

List of rarely present keys:

  • F13F24
  • Clear
  • PA1
  • Select
  • Print
  • Execute
  • Attn
  • CrSel
  • ExSel
  • Erase EOF
  • Help

Many of these are legacy keys from computer systems of the past. Their meaning can be sometimes found (example: PA1 key), sometimes not easily.

Clear and Help may be still in use on Apple keyboards.

  • thanks you have no idea how much that helped – Charlie Aug 16 '17 at 9:02

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