I am trying to drag&drop a file from filezilla to some Windows program. I get this filezilla message:

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How can I install filezilla's shell extension?

I use filezilla on Windows 10 Enterprise.

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If you did install FileZilla using its installer, it should be enough to just restart your machine.

Though if you are using Windows 10 version 1803, the root problem is different and registration won't help:
FileZilla can't drag and drop to Windows Explorer

From the Filezilla wiki : Re-registering the shell extension (Windows only)

Especially on Vista or Windows 7 it can happen that Drag&Drop fails and you get an error message stating the shell extension doesn't work. In this case you may need to re-register it. Here's how:

  1. Open a command prompt as administrator. This is important!

    Start Menu - All Programs - Accessories: Right Click 'Command Prompt', select 'Run as administrator'

  2. Navigate to the Filezilla program directory.

    • Example (32bit): cd "\Program Files\Filezilla FTP Client"
    • Example (64bit): cd "\Program Files (x86)\FileZilla FTP Client"
  3. Re-register the shell extension.

    Type this command: regsvr32 fzshellext.dll

  4. If you have 64bit OS, you need to perform an additional step.

    Type this command: regsvr32 fzshellext_64.dll

If you get the reply 'DllRegisterServer in ... succeeded.', you've done it (though you probably still need to reboot your computer).

  • This does not solve the issue. – Sly Mat Oct 14 at 14:40

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