I am using Hamachi VPN. I want to setup Windows 7 to use the Hamachi VPN network adapter for specific software on my system; other softwares should use the regular network adapters.

Is this possible in Windows 7? Is there a kind of filter system?


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It's the purpose of ForceBindIP

I don't have tested it myself and it's a sort of hack so it will not work in all cases...


Not natively no. Most programs will go with the 'default' connection. Whichever one that was established first. Your better off looking into the program's options themselves.


You could install your vpn client and the relevant programs to a virtual machine, but that's a klugde.

There's also the good old fashioned command line route command. Odds are the program you want to use the vpn will all be strictly talking to ip addresses in a specific range/subnet. So you can set your routing table to use the non-vpn interface for the default route, and the vpn interface for everything in the target range.

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