This question comes from trying to find a way to make the mouse wheel scroll OneNote's list of notes in Windows 7.

Apparently my netbook's touchpad driver sends such scroll events (when doing a two-finger vertical swipe) that makes OneNote scroll the list of notes on the right as intended. Normally scrolling with a usb mouse's wheel doesn't produce the wanted effect.

I suspect I could remap the mouse scroll event for all OneNote windows to that special mouse scroll event which the touchpad driver sends using AutoIt/AutoHotKey and the like. But for that I want to find out what window message the touchpad sends.

How can I see what scroll events are sent so I could solve my problem?

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Winspector Spy app shows a log of all window messages sent and it allows to filter by specific windows. So I've managed to get a log of all of them, and now I'm gonna have to figure out which one of all of them is the scroll message that I want.

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