I've fitted a Creative Sound Blaster Z to my Windows 7 64-bit Professional and installed Creative control panel and (the latest 64-bit?) drivers.

In the speaker menu on the bottom right of Windows I have 2 playback devices, Speakers and SPDIF OUT, both are the Creative audio card. If I use the volume sliders in this menu nothing changes, I have to use the volume slider in the Creative control panel which is quite annoying.
The volume up/down buttons on my keyboard only affect the Windows mixer so they don't work either.

How can I configure the audio card volume to be based on what the windows mixer says so I can use the buttons on my keyboard and the sliders in Windows? Thanks

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Most likely related to: Creative sound blaster Z windows 10 5.1 volume control

As solution a simple program called Volume2, that allows to set "What U Hear" as main audio device, is suggested. (But the answer is not accepted by the OP and has no up-votes.)

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