I'm using Apple Mail (Snow Leopard, everything is fully up-to-date), and am happily using an Exchange 2007 server for email needs, but I can't get it to synchronise the To Do notes from Mail with the Tasks from Exchange. I've tried creating a task in each and neither of them went to the other side.

Bizarrely I have a single task from before I actually upgraded to Snow Leopard that did get into Mail from Exchange.

Right-clicking on the Inbox and hitting 'Get Account Info' in Mail reports the correct number of entries in the 'To Do' folder for 'Messages on Server'.


It seems that the To Do notes are synchronised through iCal (which I tend to only open when I specifically require it), and not through Mail itself.

With iCal doing its automatic refresh, and the ability to force the tasks to manually refresh the problem is solved.

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