I find bash on Windows especially useful and - afaik - you can install most of the ubuntu software that exists out there and get little to no difference compared to working on a real ubuntu os.

Therefore I would think that one could install PHP, MariaDB/MySQL and Apache and configure it as a local development server. This would completely replace the demand for software packages like WAMP and XAMPP. Also I think it would be actually closer to an production server, which would be an advantage.

So, can Ubuntu (bash) on Windows fully replace WAMP or XAMPP on Windows (for development purposes)?

If so, are there any disadvantages or restrictions?


I'm not particularly into web development but Microsofts intention by creating Bash on Ubuntu on Windows/Windows Subsystem for Linux was specifically to ease the life of web developers so that they have a familiar set of tools also on Windows. However, they also state that it's only intended for development and not ment to be used for production.

So: yes. For development purposes it should suffice.


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