Trying to update all records with the sum of each existing field value plus a parameter being passed. If the field in record A = 4 and record B = 5, I want to update all records so A = 4 + X and B = 5 + X. This way I can quickly increment all record values by a given number (X). So far I can't figure out how to get the update statement to expand the parameter being passed.

I can add hard coded value with this line: c.execute("UPDATE level SET sell = sell + 1;") The code below works as is. But when I try to pass a value with the line update_sell(1) to def update_sell(margin): and reference the value passed like so, c.execute("UPDATE level SET sell = sell + margin;") it fails. What am I missing here?

Total python noob here.

Script to run:

import sqlite3
from LevelClass import level

conn = sqlite3.connect(':memory:')
c = conn.cursor()

c.execute("""CREATE TABLE level (
            buy integer,
            sell integer,
            quan integer

def insert_level(level):
    with conn:
        c.execute("INSERT INTO level VALUES (:buy, :sell, :quan)", {'buy': level.buy, 'sell': level.sell, 'quan': level.quan})

def get_level_by_sell(sell):
    c.execute("SELECT * FROM level WHERE sell=:sell", {'sell': sell})
    return c.fetchall()

def update_sell(margin):
    with conn:
        # below works with "sell + 1", but fails with "sell + margin"
        c.execute("UPDATE level SET sell = sell + 1;")

trans_1 = level(1, 5, 50)
trans_2 = level(2, 10, 60)


# value to pass to update_sell as var "margin"

find = get_level_by_sell(6)

find = get_level_by_sell(11)



# saved as LevelClass.py
class level:
    def __init__(self, buy, sell, quan):
        self.buy = buy
        self.sell = sell
        self.quan = quan

    def __repr__(self):
        return "Level('{}', '{}', {})".format(self.buy, self.sell, self.quan)

I think you're forgetting the : for the update function. This works for me.

def update_sell(margin):
    with conn:
        # below works with "sell + 1", but fails with "sell + margin"
        #c.execute("UPDATE level SET sell = sell + 1")
        c.execute("UPDATE level SET sell = sell + :margin", {"margin":margin})
  • Why is {"margin": margin} needed? – sadtank Aug 28 '17 at 21:29
  • 1
    Margin still needed to be inserted into the prepared sql statement. You had the statement built, {'margin':margin} tells SQLites api to safely inject that variable into the sql so it can be processed. – codykochmann Aug 28 '17 at 21:31

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