Every now and then I have to perform a fresh reinstallation of Nvidia drivers. This always results in losing all configuration settings.
According to this post Control Panel preferences are stored in nvdrsdb0.bin and nvdrsdb1.bin files in ~/ProgramData/NVIDIA Corporation/Drs, but I don't know what is stored in the files and whether overwriting after driver installation is safe. I only want to export user configuration settings and nothing else.

Nvidia Control Panel screenshot


Nvidia Inspector can export and import Nvidia profile settings. Start "profile inspector" by clicking the icon on the right side, on the middle:

Nvidia Inspector

Select "export user defined profiles" (import option is next on the right), "export all customized profiles" option exports per-program settings:

profile inspector

Close Nvidia Control Panel before importing, if running.


I only want to export user configuration settings and nothing else.

Currently the Nvidia Control Panel has no mechanic to export the user's configuration settings.

You only have two options if you want to keep your settings from a previous or existing profile.

  • Don't select the option to delete your previous settings when you updated your Nvidia drivers.

  • Backup nvdrsdb0.bin and nvdrsdb1.bin before you select the option to clean your settings and then restore nvdrsdb0.bin and nvdrsdb1.bin after the installation is complete.

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