I am trying to use ansible, but I seem to not be able to get it to work with sudo. I have minimised the problem to this:

This does not work:

ansible localhost --ask-become-pass -m shell  -a "cat  /var/log/syslog"

Gives this output: I type password, then it errors.

SUDO password:
localhost | FAILED | rc=1 >>
cat: /var/log/syslog: Permission denied

These work fine:

ssh -t localhost sudo cat /var/log/syslog #without ansible
ansible localhost -m shell -a "ls" #without sudo

Other diagnostics:

#expecting last line to be `root`
ansible localhost  --become-user=root --ask-become-pass -m shell  -a "whoami"

gives this output, when correct password entered.

SUDO password:
localhost | SUCCESS | rc=0 >>

You could try to add this to the command when you run --ask-become-pass

So, ansible yoga --become-user=root --ask-become-pass -m shell -a "cat /var/log/syslog"

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  • --become-user=root, did not help (no change). And the manual says it defaults to root. – ctrl-alt-delor Aug 28 '17 at 18:30

It seems that --ask-become-pass is not enough, you also need the --become param. Therefore the command is: ansible localhost --become --ask-become-pass -m shell -a "cat /var/log/syslog".

I have also noticed that I do not need --ask-become-pass, I think the password is being cached, like sudo does.

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