I want to have an ideal copy of the whole Windows 10 I have installed and configured recently, as well as main application I am using (already installed and configured). I would like to store this image of Windows at my external drive.

First of all I tried to do it with Windows System Image Revcovery Tools. I have to abandon this way, probably because all my disk is encrypted with VeraCrypt (I got few error during, and I guess it is the reason).

After I realize that I turned to the way with CloneZilla. I have burned it into USB and run partition image option in order to save all my C partition (system) into external drive. There were some error at the beginning but all the process succeded. However I do not have the catalog which one the clonezilla image should be placed on. It disappeared (before I have created empty directory for the Clonezilla image, and during clonezilla setup I have navigated to it). During next clonezilla setup it doesn't find my image I have done, but the external disk is used in 15 % of space what is correct.

Can't I see and manage clonezilla image on Windows ? Even if, why clonezilla can't see it ?

What do you recommend me to do ?

Do you think I am making an error while setting up CloneZilla or do you recommend me to use another tool ?

I want to have an image of the system. The whole system and applications I have on my partition C:/ (which is on the hard disk fully encrypted with VeraCrypt). I want to be able to back my system to the situation from the moment of making image. And I want to be able to store this image file/directory on my external disk which would be encrypted with VeraCrypt as well. But I have one other external disk which can be used, and it is not encrypted.

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    "I got few error during, and I guess it is the reason" - You should ask a question, provide us with the errors, so you can confirm that is indeed the case.
    – Ramhound
    Aug 29, 2017 at 14:06
  • What @Ramhound said. If you're getting errors, it is absolutely necessary to share them if you're looking for answers. Without the errors we're just shooting in the dark. Aug 29, 2017 at 18:47
  • Thank for reply, so I stucked in the situation which one I have described here in details: superuser.com/questions/1245609/… Aug 29, 2017 at 22:59


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