At work, I have a simple Microsoft wired 600 keyboard which has four keys (F5-F8) with blue symbols which look like they can be 'launched' in combination with the (blue) Fn key. However, pressing them in combination doesn't do anything either while on the desktop nor in an application (Chrome, Excel). Can anyone suggest:

  1. What the keys are for?
  2. How to get them to start working?

See the keyboard photo below

keyboard photo.

When I plugged the keyboard in, Windows said that the device was installed successfully, so I don't expect additional drivers are required, though I don't have admin privileges, should more installs be required.

OS: Windows 7 Enterprise, SP1, 64bit

  • do you have a clearer image of those keys? – phuclv Aug 30 '17 at 9:57
  • @LưuVĩnhPhúc - uploaded photo, updated post – Gonja Aug 30 '17 at 10:57

There are many keyboards that offer special functionality such as media player Play, Stop,... or browser Home, New Tab,...

In order to have full functionality you need to download and install the specific driver. Windows can detect and install only a generic driver that can provide regular functionality.

In your case the specific driver can be found for download here


Still there is no driver for Windows 7 (64 bit) supporting the blue keys available in Microsoft. Also, those cannot be supported in Java, as Java is not able to identify them correctly (although Java can see some of them pressed/releassed).


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