I have a MikroTik BaseBox 2 and a PoE without any Antenna. I want to connect that BaseBox to a switch which is connected an optical fiber in it (Internet).
How can I connect a BaseBox to a switch with PoE and without Antenna?
(at the end I want config a HotSpot with BaseBox)


The question is somewhat unclear, but I think I understand what you're going for.

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The answer is that it's basically plug and play. If the switch supports passive PoE around 12-24 volts, then simply enable that and plug an Ethernet cable between the two. If it does not support passive, then you either have to use a separate PoE injector, use a different switch, or use an 802.3af to passive converter such as this one.

Then you just need to configure the router to your specifications.

  • I solved my issue myself but your answer has good info too – Hamid Sep 27 '17 at 8:43

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