Just looking to see if anyone knows of a way to shorten this powershell line:

gci -Recurse -path $temp | ? {(".jpg",".png" -eq $_.extension -and $_ -match 'this' -and $_ -match "that")} | mi -Destination ($Images) -Force

The line is in this code:

$Temp = "F:\Temp-Images"
$Images = "F:\Images\"
gci -Recurse -path $Temp | ? {(".jpg",".png" -eq $_.extension -and $_ -match 'this' -and $_ -match "that")} | mi -Destination ($Images) -Force

The script is meant to look in a folder ($Temp), find any files with the extension .jpg or .png, AND that have both the words "this" and "that" in the filename. If it finds a match, it moves the file to the destination folder ($Images)

So if there's a file in "F:\Temp-Images" named "this-that.png", it will get moved to "F:\Images\"

I'm new to PowerShell, so I pieced the above code together via google searches. I don't know if my syntax is great or not, but it's working for me. I'm just wondering if there's a way to shorten the code. For example, is there a way to shorten this?:

-and $_ -match 'this' -and $_ -match "that"


  • Which PowerShell version, is there an order in this and that? – LotPings Aug 31 '17 at 22:02

Shorting as much as possible get's cryptic ;-)

$Temp = "F:\Temp-Images\"
$Images = "F:\Images\"
ls $Temp -R -I *.jpg,*.png|?{$_.Name -match 'this.*that|that.*this'}|mi -D ($Images) -Fo

To test I'd append -WhatIf or -Confirm to Move-Item

  • Wow, that is cryptic! :) But very cool. I've give it a try. Thanks!! Question this part: 'this.*that|that.*this' - Is it repeated in reverse because it's sensitive to the order of the words? – D. Hill Aug 31 '17 at 22:24
  • This is a Regular Expression (as always with -match) the vertical bar here means or so the order doesn't matter .* matches anything in between. – LotPings Aug 31 '17 at 22:29

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