I have recently got a new PC, and I just noticed that when on power saving mode, and when the PC is idle so that the screen turns off, the HDD keeps respinning all time.

It stops spinning, spins again, stops, spins, etc., as fast as it could. (I hear it)

When I touch the keyboard or mouse to light up the screen, the HDD gets back normal (spinning all time)

Is this is a power saving feature or something to worry about? I really doubt respinning the drive is good for its health.


If you're sure it's the hard drive it could be an idle Antivirus scan or the computer might be set up to index the hard drive for faster searches.

In Windows 10 you can click the windows key and route indexing options. Maybe disabling that or AV temporarily to see if it stops will help troubleshoot it. I suggest disconnecting from the network if you disable AV.

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