I and my friends (total three people) want to play the old game HOMM3 (Heroes of Might and Magic -- death shadow version ) .

because we are in different place, so I want try to do this:

  I  have two PC , one is win10 laptop , another is windows xp, they all in my home .

  install a VPN server on my win10 laptop ,then allow my xp machine and my two friends connect to this server. if success , these three machine are just like in local network environment then can play together using IPX protocol,  right  ?

If anyone have try this before , could you tell me If it is possible , the most not-understand for me is : once a person connect to this VPN ,his machine will have two IP right ? one is his local router given IP , and one is my VPN server given IP , How I know HOMM3 decide to use which IP to connect other player ?

regards liuyang


There are even easier solution for this. Try Hamachi. You just install it on every PC, create a server, join and you all can play like in local network.

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    yes, while I search solution on google , I also find someone suggest Hamachi , but compare with use framework or tools , I prefer to do it step by step myself , I think maybe this looks more like a geek (although I am not yet ) . maybe when I try fail , I will choose Hamachi or other tools .
    – Yang Liu
    Sep 1 '17 at 7:45

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