When I open my Firefox 55 devtools (F12), the Console shows up under every tab. Here it's taking up the bottom 40% of the Network Monitor tab:

enter image description here

This can be useful if I want to see new console messages as they appear, but it's annoying when I don't need the console because it occupies the precious little space I have.

How can I toggle the visibility of the Console when other devtools tabs are in focus?


Press Esc or use the split console button (split console button) to toggle the visibility of the console.

You can use the console alongside other tools. While you're in another tool in the Toolbox, just press Esc or press the "Toggle split console" button in the Toolbar. The toolbox will now appear split, with the original tool above and the web console underneath.

Split console - Firefox Developer Tools | MDN

All Keyboard Shortcuts - Firefox Developer Tools | MDN

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