I'm currently using Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise Version 1703 OS Build 15063.483.

Recently I've noticed that there's a little freeze (about 3 to 5 secs) while I switching the input method (form English to Chinese).

This issue happened on one of my computer recently (was fine/no freeze before). All the other computers with same OS and input method installed are just fine and no freezing.

I didn't install any new software these days. And I've tried to uninstalled/reinstalled the Chinese input method but still no help.

Is there any possible cause and solution for this? Thanks in advance.

  • Were you using a particular program when this happened? – spike_66 Sep 6 '17 at 6:44
  • I have 3 input methods, one of which is IME for Japanese and no such symptoms noticed. Fluid switching with alt+shift and different kana with alt+capslock and ctrl+capslock, no delay. – Kitet Sep 6 '17 at 10:42
  • @spike_66 this happened no matter what program I was using :( – Howar31 Sep 7 '17 at 7:21
  • @Kitet I used to switch IME fluently as well. The freezing issue happened recently :/ – Howar31 Sep 7 '17 at 7:22

I decide to update my question since I've encountered this exactly same issue several times on different computers. And I finally figured out the cause and fixed it.

Installed too many font (several GBs) will affect certain IME performance while switching)

(All the screenshots are in Traditional Chinese since that is the language setting of my working PC.)

I've notice that my "Disk Usage" would dramatically increase while switching IME and the program freezing. This happened every time no matter which program was freezing, including: Skype, Google Chrome, even in Windows Settings.

After some investigations, I finally found that the freezing was caused by too many (GBs) font files were loading by OS. For my case, it's over 5 GB font files installed in my Windows 10. I dunno why the font files need to load while switching IME. But reducing the font files in OS solved the problem for me.

Hope this helps and thanks.

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