I configured an old laptop for a new employee. I changed computer name to SURNAME-FIRSTNAME and with the netplwiz I changed the user name to Surname Firstname.

After that I restarted the computer, but in login screen there is the old user name shown and no button to switch user. It says that the password is wrong, too.

I'm I totally locked out from the computer or is there some tricks that I can do? Do I need to do the recovery or can this be fixed by another way?

Thanks in advance!


I would give this a try (working by memory on Windows XP era old bits of brain-information, sorry): On the login screen, where it shows your old username, hit Ctrl+Alt+Del TWICE, I think that will show the option to type an username!

Else I would try kon-boot, there are some versions on the net: You can boot your computer with a kon-boot prepared pendrive, run kon-boot, and then (without restarting) let Windows boot normally. If you are lucky, you will be able to bypass the password for this session! Good luck

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