I have a Excel file of names that I am requesting historical testing data on. The list is over 20,000 rows. The system returns a csv file of the row numbers that contain names that do not match. It will not process the file unless all rows match. How can I delete the rows in my file based on the csv file I get back other than manually deleting 1000s of rows.



a match formula should do the trick. something like =MATCH(ROW()-1,$D$2:$D$4,0), where row()-1 should be altered to line up the data in your list to the csv data; $D2:$D$4 should be the csv array, and 0 is looking for the exact match.

The result of the formula would be #N/A for non matches (keepers) or the position in the array for matches (deletes). Just filter out the matches, and you should be good to go on the upload.

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