I've been having a segfault problem with matlab, it will die and leave the gui hanging around, to which the close button does nothing.

I've since fixed the matlab issue, but for future reference, I'd like to know how to find and kill this window. The window is not tied to a process (as far as I can tell with ps -aux | grep matlab), and appears to be a "zombie" window.

Does this have to be done through x, or is there a process I just can't see?

  • Does xprop or xlsclients give any indication to which process this window belongs? AFAIK all windows belonging to an X client disappear automatically if the client disconnects. Possibly lsof | grep X11 also helps, at least processes using the X11 libraries should show up. – dirkt Sep 7 '17 at 14:14

The easiest way is running "xkill" on the command line and select the zombie window. It will be killed.

More information: https://www.howtoforge.com/tutorial/linux-kill-process-with-xkill/


Here's a one-liner that uses xdotool and which you can bind to a hotkey:

bash -c 'if [ -z $(pgrep -f "^xdotool selectwindow windowkill$") ]; then xdotool selectwindow windowkill & else pkill -f "^xdotool selectwindow windowkill$"; fi'

The next window you click after triggering this will have its client process killed. Running the script a second time before clicking anything will cancel it.

You could also just do xdotool selectwindow windowkill, but then you wouldn't be able to exit the "kill mode" after activating it. The longer version lets you press the hotkey once to enter the "kill mode", and a second time to disable it if you change your mind.

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