No matter what I do I can't seem to get Adobe Flash Player working in Firefox period. I get this error message saying that the Adobe Flash plugin has crashed and this happens instantly right when I open something within Firefox that requires flash.

I did everything I can in an effort to get flash working from installing and reinstalling to install a beta version of Adobe Flash Player but nothing works.

On Adobe's website where you can check if you have Adobe Flash Player installed or not and when I click on the Check Now button I see nothing but all black and my system information. I took a screenshot comparing it to Google Chrome so I can show you what I mean

enter image description here

If it helps I'm running Firefox version 55.0.3 (64-bit) in Windows 10.

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First, for security reasons, Mozilla set Flash as "click to play".

Second, if it still does not work as described, uninstall Flash, uninstall Firefox, rename your old profile, in case you wish to revert to it, and do a full, fresh installation without any add-ons. Then reinstall the standard current version of Flash.

That said, be aware that Adobe is recommending users move to new technology. Unless there is some particular game that still requires Flash, it might not be worth the effort to install it.

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