I'm trying to execute the code below and it is working:

PS C:\> Rename-Computer -NewName TEST -DomainCredential okadamanila\itservices

Given that hostname is given on the PS1 file - however, I would like to ask or prompt the user for input to substitute the hostname; I've tried using the code block below:

$hostname = read-host "Please enter your name"
$credential = Get-Credential
PS C:\> Rename-Computer -NewName $name -DomainCredential $credential
Read-Host -Prompt "Press Enter to exit"

Where the input from the user would be the hostname that'll be used on the Rename-Computer function, it this possible?


The code block above seems to work, yet I'm encountering the issue below:


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    What exactly is going wrong? If I do: $var = read-host "Question: " followed by $var I get inside $var what I entered at the question. – LPChip Sep 8 '17 at 10:49
  • If you have a dedicated function to get the username (Get-UserName would be the correct nomenclature, by the way), why would you put the Read-Host into a param()-block? I'd simply do while($true){[string]$name = Read-Host "Enter a user-name"; if($name.Length -gt 0){break}else{Write-Out "You have to enter a name!"}} – flolilo Sep 8 '17 at 11:06
  • If you want to use the param()-block so you can call the function and the name-parameter so it does not prompt, then I'd suggest you test the .Length of $name, as -name "" is a valid string that does not contain any name. So function Get-UserName(){param([string]$name); while($true){if($name.Length -eq 0){$name = Read-Host "enter a user-name"}else{Write-Out "You entered $name"; break}} Or is there an evident point I'm not seeing? – flolilo Sep 8 '17 at 11:18

Get rid of the prompt (PS C:>) before Rename-Computer. You still need to change the variable name (from myname to name) that you have in $myname = read-host "Please enter your name:" so it reads $name = read-host "Please enter your name:" and matches what you have as a variable name in your call to the function Rename-Computer -NewName $name -DomainCredential $credential).

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