I use VirtualBox v5.1.2 - host is Windows 10, guest is Linux Debian (6.0.9). I want to very simple thing which actually doesn't work in my VB: I only want to connect from host to guest (where is running database server). At this moment I have mobile internet connection on host via USB modem but I don't need internet in guest at all (either connect to or from guest).

I tried to set on VM network setting: Adapter 1 - > Attached to: Host-only adapter.

In Preferences of VirtualBox: Network -> Host-only Networks:

Adapter tab ->IPv4 Address:, IPv4 Network Mask:

DHCP Server tab -> Server Address :, Server Mask:, Lower Address Bound:, Upper Address Bound:

After this setting, the result of guest ifconfig is: eth0 (...) inet addr: but I can't connect from host: neither ping nor accessing server from host to guest. Ping result in host is: Request timed out.

I was also trying some NAT settings, but also without success.

Firewall is disabled during connection testing.

What am I doing wrong?

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Resolved :) Thanks to: https://serverfault.com/questions/131484/cant-access-virtualbox-host-only-network-from-windows-host

The problem was: adapter address was:, but addresses range from DHCP: -, so they weren't able to see each other.

After setting adapter address to I can connect to the guest service from host :)

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