I am using Skype on Windows 10, and there are no menus at the top (as shown in the image) and there is nowhere to click to lower volume when in a call. What I wish to do is to make the sound from that call lower, while keeping other sound from other apps as normal. Is this possible? I remember that before, there was a connection bar you could click when in a call to adjust volume, but this is no longer there. Also I find it strange that there is no menu, perhaps I have a wrong version of Skype?

enter image description here


Click with right mouse button on the Sound icon in system tray and open Volume Mixer. There you can adjust the volume independently for each application.

Windows volume mixer

  • This doesn't have any effect in the current version of Skype for Windows 10.
    – user9528
    Mar 20 '18 at 15:45

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