I have a script which is copying from a remote server to my local PC. Batch File is running but when the IP is down/powered off script will not run the next commandline. It gives me an error. See script below. Please help.. I want that even the other servers are down script will continue or it will run to the next commandline..

C:\db_backup> cd\
C:> cd Program Files (x86)/
C:\Program Files (x86)> cd WinSCP/
C:\Program Files (x86)\WinSCP> winscp.com /script=POS.txt
Searching for host...
Network error: Connection to "" timed out.
C:\Program Files (x86)\WinSCP> pause
Press any key to continue . . .

This is the script::

open sftp://pos:pos@
recv -neweronly /opt/simplepos/data/rsalphaland/*.zip C:\db_backup\POS\Lane1\
open sftp://pos:pos@
recv -neweronly /opt/simplepos/data/rsalphaland/*.zip C:\db_backup\POS\Lane2\
open sftp://pos:pos@
recv -neweronly /opt/simplepos/data/rsalphaland/*.zip C:\db_backup\POS\Lane3\
open sftp://pos:pos@
recv -neweronly /opt/simplepos/data/rsalphaland/*.zip C:\db_backup\POS\Lane4\
open sftp://pos:pos@
recv -neweronly /opt/simplepos/data/rsalphaland/*.zip C:\db_backup\POS\Lane5\
open sftp://pos:pos@
recv -neweronly /opt/simplepos/data/rsalphaland/*.zip C:\db_backup\POS\Lane6\
open sftp://pos:pos@
recv -neweronly /opt/simplepos/data/rsalphaland/*.zip C:\db_backup\POS\Lane7\
open sftp://pos:pos@
recv -neweronly /opt/simplepos/data/rsalphaland/*.zip C:\db_backup\POS\Lane8\
  • Your question title does not match your text. In title you say "Skip instead of waiting". While in text you say "continue on error". - Also I do not understand the difference between "will continue" and "will run to the next commandline". - Anyway, I'll try to answer. Sep 12, 2017 at 6:59

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You are probably looking for option batch command:

option batch continue

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