I am running Windows N, and it seems that YouTube Live and the -N flavor don't play well together (reddit, reddit, reddit (Doesn't apply to my PaleMoon) ). Regular YouTube videos play fine, I only have a problem with livestreams. It seems that Firefox (or Palemoon) requires Microsoft software to play HTML5 H.264 live streams. The whole reason I chose Windows N was so I didn't have to have Windows Media player et al. It seems that with Windows N, it's a de facto requirement to install the media pack (Windows 7, Windows 10), which just installs all the software that was regulated by the EU to not be bundled with the OS, thereby defeating the point of Windows N.

How can I get YouTube Live working in Windows N without installing the media pack (thus defeating the point of Windows N)?

  • Windows 7 Ultimate N 64 bit
  • Firefox 55.03 (32 bit)
  • Palemoon 27.4.1 (64 bit)

In searching Superuser, I found a Q&A mentioning codecs. Installing the K-Lite Codec pack had no effect, except to change my search settings and homepage to Bing(R) (d'oh!).

This is the symptom:

enter image description here

This is what YouTube thinks the problem is (highlights mine):

enter image description here

I came across this extension and tried to install it in Palemoon, but it won't install in Palemoon.


How can I get YouTube Live working in Windows N without installing the media pack (thus defeating the point of Windows N)?

What you want is not possible. Firefox H.264 support depends on the operating system itself supporting it, which of course in the case of Windows 7, requires the installation of the Media Pack in order to add that functionality.

The requirement for the Media Pack, in order to support H.264, does not seem to extend to Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Since you are using Windows 7 that basically means you are limited to Google Chrome, Opera, or Safari if you are attempting to avoid installing the Windows 7 Media Pack.

  • OK. Well, at least now I know for certain. It was starting to look like that, but I wasn't sure. – YetAnotherRandomUser Sep 11 '17 at 18:05
  • 1
    I run the N version of windows myself for the exact same reason as you, and ran into the exact same thing in the past with Opera and Vivaldi. I was not able to play youtube videos, or use soundcloud. In the end it all came down to missing the Media Feature Pack. Installed it, and all things that were broken regarding to media (video and audio) magically started to work again. Windows N is great, but only if you don't do much with video or audio playback. – LPChip Sep 11 '17 at 18:36
  • It makes sense that, video and audio problems would exist, considering their codec are not installed unless you install the Media Pack. K-Lite only works if you have Windows Media Player installed. VLC would work regardless because their codecs are provided with the program but difficult to use VLC with YouTube. – Ramhound Sep 11 '17 at 21:05

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