Hello I have a fairly large .7z archive (~10GB) that contains dozens of .txt files, of which each one contains tens of millions of email address and password pairs.

Is there any quick way to look up entry (e.g: my email) within this .7z archive without extracting it? I'm using Mac. Thanks!

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I am afraid unless you have used 0% compression algorithms(meaning you have archived them just for storage) on those files, there is no other way than checking the .txt files after you decompress it or use/make some software that can do it for you.

I hope you have a good processor and RAM because it will take fairly long time if you have implemented good compression algorithms while archiving those .txt files


You can't deal with the 7zip directly from the Finder, though tools like Better Zip can see inside without extracting, they cannot search within each text file.

Instead, you could make a read-only compressed Disk Image that would be mountable & searchable - encrypted if required.

It used to be a one-step process but is now a 2-step.

From Disk Utility, File > Blank Image or Image from Folder.
Give it a title; you can leave the other settings below at default for now.
Create a volume large enough to contain the uncompressed data for now.

Once complete, you can then use Images > Convert... to change it to a compressed image. This will make it read-only. At this point you can add encryption, if needed.

The resulting image will be searchable using Spotlight, if you allow it, or something like EasyFind, once mounted.


There is actually a way to do this, at least on linux. The first answer is wrong. If 7za binary functions the same way in MacOS then this should work there as well

7za -so <filename.7z> | grep "<word>"

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