I'm usually running my Bootcamp partition in VMWare Fusion. When resuming from sleeping the computer told me it was restarted due to a problem. Now the Windows 10 partition doesn't boot, either in Bootcamp mode or in VMWare Fusion. The bluescreen error is 0xc0000225

I have run chkdsk c: /offlinescanandfix from a repair usb stick, but it didn't help. I have tried to set the Bootcamp partion active using Diskpart from the Windows repair usb stick, but it told me that the partition couldn't. Gpt? Don't remember.

I can access the Bootcamp partition from Finder in OSX.

My mac is a MacBook Pro Mid 2015 running Sierra 10.12.6


In any case, there's one way I've found to resolve this. If you have access to another computer, take out the affected computer's primary drive and find a way to mount it in the system (internally, externally, whatever). Then do the following:

  1. Open command prompt as an administrator
  2. Type in diskpart
  3. Type in list disk. Find out which disk the affected drive is.
  4. Type in select disk #, where # is the affected drive's number
  5. Type in list partition, find the partition number of the system partition (it's usually 100MB, 200MB, or 300MB), then
  6. Type in select partition #, where # is the system partition's number.
  7. Type in assign letter=z, assuming you don't have a Z: drive.
  8. Exit out of diskpart by pressing Ctrl+C or typing exit
  9. Type in

    BCDBoot [Drive letter of affected drive's Windows partition]:\Windows /S Z: /F UEFI

    So if the affected drive's Windows partition is, say, G:\, you would type in

    BCDBoot G:\Windows /S Z: /F UEFI

It works for me.


I tried all available fixes, but in the end I had to reinstall. I couldn't either do a repair installation. I had to do a clean install. Despite, it moved all my old files to windows.old and my own folders in c:\ was still there.

This is the second or third time this happens. I'm going to put all important stuff in onedrive and use reinstall as first option.

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