I am wondering what the best setup would be for our new office network, help is very much appreciated!

Desired situation:

  • A couple of wired outputs in the office (will be used for large video transfers)
  • A strong everyday WiFi network for about 20-30 employees with preferably two access points for stable WiFi throughout the office

Current situation:

  1. Internet coming in the office basement
  2. Patched through a patch panel upwards
  3. Modem/Router combined that spreads WiFi

My idea:

  1. Internet coming in the basement
  2. Modem/Router with WiFi disabled
  3. 4 cables from modem patched upwards (4 is enough for now)
  4. Two routers connected to the patched ports upstairs sending Wifi (with DHCP disabled, so it has the same network)
  5. 2 remaining ports open to be linked to desktops for video related stuff

Main questions:

  • What I'm wondering is if the two routers can actually have the same SSID and network, or does the second router have to be connected by cable with the first router? In which case; can I send a cable from router 1 back to the patch panel, patch it to another port and connect router 2 there?

The modem/router we have is a Fritz!Box 7581, and I want to buy two Netgear Nighthawk R7000 - AC1900 routers.

Thanks in advance!

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