I have a simple IF statement which should be checking whether a docvariable is set to YES or NO. Regardless of whether it's Y/N, the document is including the "Some text here" part and the second docvariable. It never seems to get to the true condition.

These are VB docvariables and I have checked the value by displaying them in the document. It's always set to either YES or NO. I've even tried 1 and 0 just incase. No luck.

Can anyone see an error in my syntax or think of anything else that could be causing this problem? Picture below. If anyone cannot see it, I'm happy to type it out.

Document IF statement

  • @Yorik that did the trick! Thanks :) Feel free to post it as the answer and I'll mark it as so as soon as it lets me. Sep 15, 2017 at 14:23

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Not 100% sure, but usually text comparisons are case sensitive, so force the comparison to upper or lower. Cannot remember, but you might add \*Upperinside the docvariable brackets as the last parameter(??) e.g. AITEM1RATEYN" \*Upper}. Again, memory hazy

  • This is correct in terms of syntax - \*UPPER appended to the field code Sep 15, 2017 at 14:26

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