I'm quite worried about losing the tabs that have gone (computer crashed so I reopened Chrome and couldn't restore tabs the easy way and ended up opening more tabs to fix the problem but couldn't) – the question relates to a previous question asked:

How to restore Chrome without "Restore" button and the files "Last Session" and "Last Tabs"?

^ This user seemed to have had the same issue I had: "I was using chrome and my computer crashed - I tried reopening chrome and couldn't restore tabs using the restore session button/the easy way - as explained above sorry for the repetition just wanted to clear things up)."

(this is another similar question but I didn't understand the answers given - How can I load my last tabs into Chrome using Last Tabs, Last Session files?)

  1. Do I go to properties for Chrome and in the target tab - change the ending: chrome.exe" into: chrome.exe --restore-last-session"

  2. Or do I go to the user data folder then the default folder and rename the four files current session, current tabs, last session, last tabs as the question above says I should?

  3. Or should I do both?

Really confused as its the first time I found out about the user data folder and that it stores files and I'm not very tech savvy

I've closed the window I opened after my laptop crashed/decided to restart - as I thought I should do by the answers that were written for the question I gave the link to - I did this using task manager as they advised and so I'm typing from my tablet.

I haven't opened chrome again yet from my laptop - but I'm hoping if I do points (1) (2) or both - then I could get the tabs from the window I just closed and the tabs before the crash?

I'm just not sure how to go about it and I'm quite stressed about loosing all those tabs before the crash as I can't remember all the links/webpages.

  • I’m having trouble understanding this question without reading the other question — and I’m too lazy to do that. It’s OK to refer to another question for background / context, but each question must say what it is talking about. – Scott Sep 16 '17 at 0:54
  • Hi there, I think you answered a similar question in this link: superuser.com/questions/342437/…. - and points 1) and 2) that I've written in my question were mentioned in the answers given in that link - I'm just unsure weather I have to do points 1) or 2) or 3)? – Sarah Sep 16 '17 at 1:41
  • Sorry; when my name is in the middle of the page, like that, that means that I only edited the answer.  And in this case it was a cosmetic edit. – Scott Sep 16 '17 at 1:57

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