I just moved fro mDebian to macOS after my laptop crashed. Luckily I was abele to salvage my .zshrc with my aliases, however, m two aliases that use "find" don't seem to work in macOS and I am not quite sure what the difference is.

The first command is supposed to move all files fro msubdirectories to the current directory and it worked flawlessly on debian:

alias mup='find -type f -exec mv {} . \;'

On macOS however I get a "find: illegal option -- t"

Similarly, to change the file ending from JPG to jpg I used

alias jprn="find -name '*.JPG' -exec rename "s/.JPG/.jpg/g" \{\} \;"

which results in another "find: illegal option -- n"

Unfortunately, the error is rather mysterious, so I don't even know where to start looking for a resolution, as all the handles seem to be correct based on man.

Any info or pointer would be much appreciated!



for mup, find needs a path argument:

alias mup='find . -type f -exec mv {} . \;'

for jprn, find needs a path argument. Also, there's no rename command in macOS (you can install it with Homebrew though). This is the best I could come up with at the moment:

alias jprn='find . -name "*.JPG" -print | while read -r f; do mv "$f" "${f/%JPG/jpg}"; done'

${f/%JPG/jpg} substitutes $f ending in JPG with jpg, see the last part of section "Parameter Expansion" in man zshexpn.

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