I have a support account which I should have access to in my Outlook 2010, however, since changing from 2003, the situation has become unusual.

I used to be able to just view shared mail items in a seperate account, without it having the Calendar, Tasks and Reminders popping up in my face all hours of the day.

Now, if I add the account, I get upwards of 60 task reminders that are not my personal account, and that clog up my Reminders window and task list.

Is there a way to show only my Tasks and Reminders in Outlook 2010? I've tried the Advanced Filter option on the Tasks list, but if I set it to show only things from or to myself, everything disappears, or nothing disappears.

I tried looking in the email account settings for something like 'Read email only' or something to do with only showing some of the modules of outlook, but it was useless.

  • This sounds like more of an issue with exchange server settings. I would talk to the sysadmin. – Unfundednut Mar 28 '10 at 21:39
  • Nothing has changed on the email account (afaik) in a while, but since having to change to 2010b, it's very confusing. – glasnt Mar 28 '10 at 22:11

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