I have downloaded simplenote simplenote's portal. The tar.gz version, but I couldn't install it on OpenSuse 13.1

Any Idea of the steps needed to install it ??


There is executable file in the tar.gz called Simplenote.
You could start it from terminal with /path/Simplenote-linux-x64/Simplenote (I don't have a Linux GUI right now)
If that works, you could move the folder to /opt link that to /usr/bin with ln -s /opt/Simplenote-linux-x64/Simplenote /usr/bin/ then you could start it from terminal with Simplenote

Edit: Just tested on my Linux-Mint Laptop, should work the same on your openSUSE 13.1 (actually this openSUSE version is end of life).

  1. Download Simplenote
  2. sudo tar xvzf Simplenote-linux-x64.1.0.8.tar.gz --directory=/opt/
  3. sudo ln -s /opt/Simplenote-linux-x64.1.0.8 /usr/bin/
  4. Now you could start that program in Terminal with Simplenote & or wit Alt+F2 and type in "Simplenote".
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  • Ok, I will try It and give feedback. – MadMad666 Sep 21 '17 at 15:13

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