I'm trying to set up a rule in Outlook that will seek emails that contain an exact match in the subject line.

For example, I would want this rule to apply only to emails with a subject line of "Hi there" and not "Hi there Charlene" or "blah blah blah Hi there".

Right now, it seems like Outlook will parse the subject line and determine whether it contains the string. I need it to seek only an exact match.

Outlook 2016, btw. Has anybody got any input? Thanks!


Yes. You can do that using the "Advanced Find" tool. Click to the search box above messages and use the "Search Tools -> Advanced Find" on "Search" ribbon tab to open the Advanced Find dialog. On the dialog, select the "Advanced" tab. Now click the "Field" button and select the "All Mail Fields -> Subject", select the "is (exactly) as a condition and specify required full subject as a value. Now click "Add to List" button and then "Find Now".

  • This is wrong answer. OP is asking about the rule and your answer is about search – Lame User Feb 11 at 5:20

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