Has anyone ever encountered a program or a registry hack that will either allow you to disable particular Windows shortcut keys, or maybe remap them?

I am not really interested in methods to disable ALL shortcuts, as I want to be able to still use the Ctrl+C and Ctrl+X and Shift+Del shortcuts, but disable the Ctrl+Z shortcut which undoes the previous action. This has been very problematic to me as I often copy large amounts of files, and sometimes accidentally undo a copy. When this happens, there is really no indication of it, no message pops up and there isn't even a file copy dialog window, the "undo" operation happens entirely in the background. So when I finish copying files, I will sometimes then end up deleting some of them because they were moved back to the original folder without my knowledge. I also almost always use Shift+Del out of habit, so I can't just look in the Recycle Bin.

If anyone has a solution, thank you in advance! I have been struggling to find one for a while now. :(

  • Ok I admit it's a joke: don't press CTRL+z then. But to be a bit more helpful, what is it which actually makes you use the combination. If you can't reconfigure the explorer, maybe you can reconfigure the real place where you use it? – eckes Sep 24 '17 at 1:02

Hardware work-around: put a bit of plastic foam under the Z key to make it a bit harder to press, so you'll get tactile feedback. This helped curb my habit of hitting Caps Lock accidentally.

Though I wouldn't suggest this approach for a more frequently used key, in most languages (other than polszczyznę ;-), you don't hit Z often.

  • @Braden'sPC's – I am sorry I flagged your comments for language. If I may ask you please be nice on all Stack Exchange network sites. – miroxlav Sep 30 '17 at 8:52
  • @miroxlav just noticed this. Sorry if I offended anyone, just trying to thank mr DrMoishe Pippik for a job well done. – Braden Dodge Nov 17 '17 at 7:09

You already accepted an answer, but you can use AutoHotKey to disable Ctrl+Z

The script is super simple:


Thats it... It remaps Ctrl+Z to nothing, thereby doing nothing

  • FYI you can do this with the caps lock key as well ::) – Keltari Sep 24 '17 at 3:32
  • I love this solution too! I've used AHK for gaming macros in the past, but then I got a proper gaming keyboard and mouse and stopped using it. I didn't think about all the other uses for it. Thanks! – Braden Dodge Sep 24 '17 at 4:43

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