I am new to windows 8.1 (skipped it, upgraded my private from 7 to 10). I need to access the server manager, in order to add roles to an installed iis 8.5 manager, so I can add .net 4.5 to my iis .net framework list in the application pool.

How do I access the server manager in windows 8.1 and add roles to my iis?

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    You don't. It's not a server. Neither is the server manager available in Windows 7 or Windows 10. At least not out of the box from what I know. What you can do is use the "add features" dialog to add that feature, assuming your edition supports it. – Seth Sep 27 '17 at 6:13
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    Go to Control Panel, add/remove programs and add the features that you want. Windows 8.1 is for personal use and not a server version. – Scorpion99 Sep 27 '17 at 8:06

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