I have a nanopi-m1 board(something like RPI), and tried to use Ubuntu-Core with Qt-Embedded Image File, kernel:Linux-3.4.y , but after connecting my board via Ethernet cable to my router and trying to IP scan with Angry IP scanner, I can't see my board IP! When I do IP scan, my board Ethernet lights flashing fast but IP scanner can't find the board's IP!

I did it before successfully but now doesn't work!

  • It simply might not respond to ping or be on a different network. Have a look whenever your router doesn't have an overview of active clients. Also check your configuration for the Pi.
    – Seth
    Sep 27, 2017 at 10:09

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I solved the problem by checking the Physical Ports Boxes as you can see in the below pic in my router settings:

enter image description here


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