My current situation is as such: Machines having network issues not allowing domain logon in Windows. Local admin is disabled, thusly I do not have the ability to login and troubleshoot. I want to get to the point whereby I could unlock/enable the local admin through booting Hiren/WinPE and using NTPWEdit for example. These machines are encrypted using Bitlocker, for which I have the PIN and recovery key. Is there a tool for unlocking Bitlocker encryption for which after I can enable the local admin?

What my process would be: 1) boot Hiren/WinPE 2) use tool to unlock Bitlocker to allow access to the drive 3) use NTPWEdit to enable local admin

Any help would be appreciated!


Not sure about WinPE capabilities, but if you have a Linux live CD, you could

  1. use dislocker to access the encrypted partition,
  2. use chntpw to enable the local admin account.

You'll have to use the recovery key; I think the PIN is for retrieving the key from a TPM and therefore only works from the original OS.

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