A couple of old documents have stopped rendering correctly on Word 2016 version 1708 (build 8431.2079) MSO (16.0.8431.2046) 32-bits. I also tested this on Word 2013 (15.0.4841.1000) MSO (15.0.4541.1000) 64-bits, and there the document does work perfectly fine.

I suspect it's not a problem with the document itself, as the render changes when I scroll/zoom in and it even contains parts of the interface that shouldn't appear in the document at all. For example, the following page appears to contain a part of the "measurement tape" that's at the top of the screen:

And here part of the paragraph properties widget appears:

In reading mode, the document looks fine:

The file I took those screenshots from: https://ufile.io/mrevh (feel free to suggest a better file sharing service).

What could be the cause of this issue? Is there something I can do about it? Word is already at the most recent version.

  • Please post one such document for testing.
    – harrymc
    Sep 30 '17 at 9:24

I have downloaded and looked at your document using Word 2016 and I can see no problem. Here is my image of your example page for comparison. So something is wrong on your computer.

What I can suggest :

  • Start Word in Safe mode
    If this works, then the problem is with some Office add-on, which you will have to uninstall or reconfigure. See how to View, manage, and install add-ins in Office programs.

  • Repair Office 2016 in Control Panel -> Programs and Features, by right-click on Microsoft Office 2016, and choosing Change. Try first Quick Repair, and if the problem continues, Online Repair.

  • If the above didn't solve the problem, uninstall and reinstall Office.

  • I tried both repairs, I tried reinstalling and I also tried copying the content to a new document, non of which worked. Opening in safe mode did, and after that normal mode started working as well. I'll take a look at the add-ons and try to remove the offending one. Thanks! Oct 2 '17 at 21:00

I tried the repairs, I reinstalled Office, I copied the content into a new document, all in vain.

I opened the document in safe mode, and the problem did not occur, a syou predicted. After that, opening it again in normal mode was successful as well! I left the add-ins as they were. I do not understand what happened, but the issue seems to be solved.


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    If you plan to provide an answer to the question, format your text as such, emphasizing on the solution, and if you only want to say thanks, a comment is enough.
    – arielnmz
    Oct 2 '17 at 20:39

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