I'm running Windows 10, edition: Windows 10 Pro, version: 1703, OS Build: 15063.608.

According to several articles around the net I should be able to press win+. or win+; to bring up an emoji IME that looks like this

windows 10 emoji ime

But when I press win+. nothing happens. When I press win+; the magnifier shows up even though in settings magnifier is turned off.

How do I get the emoji IME to appear?


This is a new feature of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update 1709 and not of your Creators Update 1703.

So you have to install the last Insider Build or wait for the final of the v1709 which gets released on 17th October 2017.


Right click on Taskbar. Select "Show Touch Keyboard Button."

Taskbar Right click on win10

Now click on the touch keyboard Icon on right side of your taskbar. (system tray). Then Click the face Icon on Keyboard. touch keyboard

  • Thanks. That's helpful. Apparently there is a new one thought that's not the touch keyboard. See screenshot and linked articles in question. Any ideas how to get that one to appear? – gman Oct 1 '17 at 16:24

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