The media keys, volume knob, sleep button and mute button on my "Das Keyboard 4 Professional" keyboard stopped working a few weeks ago after a reboot that I think was caused by a Windows Update.

I've tried the following steps to try and solve the issue:

  • Try a different keyboard - The media keys on a logitech wireless usb keyboard work fine, even in the same USB port.
  • Try keyboard with another PC - When plugged in to my laptop the Das Keyboard media/volume keys work fine.
  • Try another USB port - No difference
  • Tried completely wiping any trace of the keyboard from the registry/device manager, then plugging it in again - No difference.
  • Created a new user on the PC - No difference.
  • Ensured the HID Human Interface Service is running.
  • Disable touch keyboard and related services.

What could be causing this?

  • Welcome to the Microsoft Windows Service. – Ale..chenski Oct 2 '17 at 4:18

Due to an unrelated issue I ended up reinstalling the Razer Synapse drivers for my mouse, and afterwards the media keys + volume knob started working again on my Das Keyboard.

  • Similar issue for me with my Das Keyboard Pro. I previously had a Razer keyboard and still have a Razer mouse. Opening Device Manager and uninstalling the Keyboard/Mouse devices (including drivers) then rebooting fixed things up for me. – dcoles Sep 7 '20 at 18:52

According to the first two tests, both of your keyboard and computer are ok. According to your test 4, driver should also be fine.

I guess that there are some software has conflict with your keyboard’s Media/Volume/sleep keys, execute a clean boot to check again or use your keyboard in safe mode.

  • Thanks for your reply. I've just tried safe mode, the various media/volume keys still don't work, both on my normal account and the new user account I created earlier for testing. I assume by "clean boot" you just meant a restart, that also had no effect. – Simon Moles Oct 3 '17 at 19:42

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