I had a hard drive failure and replaced it with a new SSD followed by restoring in bare-metal fashion from Windows Home Server. I allowed the restore process to handle formatting the new drive. The restoration worked quite well. I checked drive alignment with Paragon Partition Manager, and it responded "OK." The offset on the system partition, however is only 32,768 bytes -- eight 4K sectors. I've Googled until I'm blue in the face, but I cannot find out if this offset is adequate or even necessary for best SSD operation. Some say that alignment is not truly necessary on SSDs, but I find no comment at all on partition offset for SSDs

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Its on a power of 2 sector though should be fine. Almost all ssd are 512 sectors so it shouldn't matter.

All physical devices are required to allow sectors 1-63 to be reserved. Usually for special boot loaders, sometimes viruses hide here. Mainly unused space here in the modern era.


On a non-boot disk, you can even manually create a raw partition from offset 0 and Windows will recognize it as a volume. On a boot disk, it should be a multiple of the sector size (usually 512 bytes). The default of 1024 KiB is fine.

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