I have upgraded to windows 10 and sometimes my mouse works normally and sometimes I am unable to middle click tabs to close them. This is not just an issue in chrome but also in any app that has tabs. When I middle click a tab I just get the round icon with 4 arrows for scrolling

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This might be because of how your mouse settings are configured in Windows.

Try the following:

Go to Mouse settings in control panel (its still available in Windows 10). Use one of the below paths:

  • Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Mouse
  • Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Mouse under "Devices and Printers"

Mouse settings in All Control Panel Items Mouse settings under Hardware and Sound

Check your middle click settings in Mouse Properties window.

If you or your manufacturer have installed a custom mouse driver, an additional tab might be present (not seen in below screenshot) or check further by visiting the Hardware tab and select your mouse driver > Properties .

Mouse Properties > Hardware tab

A similar problem happened to me on my laptop, and i had to change my touchpad settings to make the middle click work right (when i press right and left click at the same time). On my laptop, Touchpad settings were in a separate tab next to Hardware in mouse properties.

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    This was the problem. I had an extra device in that list. after uninstalling the driver the middle mouse click is behaving as it should. Thank you – code511788465541441 Oct 10 '17 at 11:27
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    For anyone else having the same problem. I also had to manually delete c:\program files\synaptic – code511788465541441 Oct 10 '17 at 12:02

I had exactly the same problem when upgrading to Windows 10.

In fact, the problem was that my mouse came with software from the manufacturer which was disabled by the upgrade.

In my case, simply re-installing the software fixed the problem. I had the same problem with other products and drivers that just needed re-installation. I had to repeat the operation for some of the products after every major upgrade of Windows 10.

If you have difficulties finding the right software for your mouse, let us know its details so we can help.

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