I have autohotkey installed in my windows 10. How can I have it to "beep" or make a sound whenever I Cut, Copy, Paste, something.

I'm working on a huge records which involves cutting-copying-pasting data around. The problem is sometimes when I copy a text, then pasted it, the previous data is pasted instead of the new data. It's because sometimes I hit a different button (instead of Ctrl+C Ctrl+X), or maybe the keyboard button was lightly pressed, etc)

So now, I want to make sure that it's already copied or cutted or pasted, so I want to hear a sound everytime it does new data in the clipboard is really there.

Hope u got what I'm trying to say.

Thanks, Jane

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    if you use exclusively keyboard shortcuts, just set ctrl+v etc to some sort of macro which triggers a beep – Blaine Oct 5 '17 at 4:45
  • How to do that? I dont know autohotkey yet, just starting to learn it just now. – JMS Oct 5 '17 at 11:09
  • sorry, I'm not familiar with the program :( I'm sure there's online tutorials if you look them up though. Can't be that complicated – Blaine Oct 5 '17 at 11:43
#Persistent            ; keeps a script permanently running

    OnClipboardChange: ; is launched automatically whenever the content of the clipboard changes
time_copied :=""
time_copied :=  A_TickCount
; SoundBeep            ; Play the default pitch and duration.
SoundBeep, 750, 500    ; Play a higher pitch for half a second
If (A_EventInfo = 1)   ; the clipboard contains text or files copied
    If (DllCall("IsClipboardFormatAvailable", "uint", 15))  ; the clipboard contains file(s)
        ToolTip, file(s) copied
        ToolTip, text copied
If (A_EventInfo = 2)   ; the clipboard contains images
    ToolTip, image(s) copied
Sleep 1000

; ctrl+v for pasting
    time_since_copied := (A_TickCount - time_copied)
    time_since_copied /= 1000
    ToolTip, pasted`ncopied: %time_since_copied% seconds ago
    Sleep, 1500

For details see OnClipboardChange


Try this:


Put it in a file with the ahk extension (e.g. ClipBeep.ahk) and double-click it. Whenever you press Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C or Ctrl+V it will sound a short beep. Exit the script (right-click on the "H" icon that appears in your notification area at the bottom-right of the screen and select "Exit") to make it stop.

If you want this to always be in effect, I suggest you set it to run at startup.


Use PowerPro freeware utility - it has an option to assign different sound to different events (including clipboard ones which you want).

It has a graphical user interface to do it and many-many other very-very useful things.

(I use it more than 10 years and I don't imagine how to work without its help.)

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