I am new to IPv6.

I have a IPv6 only vps. Because the VPS has only a IPv6 address, I am not able to access basic sites like github (which do not have a IPv6 address) as well as other repo sites.

I tried to use sshuttle to route all the traffic via another system which works for IPv6 as well as IPv4. It does not work either. The sshuttle log shows

root@bh01:~/sshuttle# sshuttle -v 0/0 -NHr user@host
Starting sshuttle proxy.
firewall manager: Starting firewall with Python version 2.7.3
firewall manager: ready method name nat.
IPv6 enabled: False
UDP enabled: False
DNS enabled: False
User enabled: False
TCP redirector listening on ('', 12300).
Starting client with Python version 2.7.3
c : connecting to server...
Starting server with Python version 3.5.3
 s: latency control setting = True
 s: available routes:
c : Connected.
 s:   2/
c : seed_hosts: []
firewall manager: setting up.

The lot says

IPv6 enabled: False

I do not see any option to force enable IPv6 for sshuttle. Any way I can enable it?

Or any other way to setup tunnel from IPv6 to IPv4 so that my vps is usable like a normal host?


You can update your ssh_config https://linux.die.net/man/5/ssh_config to only use ipv4. Since sshuttle uses your native install of ssh it will also be forced to follow your configurations.

#    ...
#    CheckHostIP yes
#    AddressFamily any
#    ConnectTimeout 0
#    ...

Above commented out is the default configuration. You can uncomment and change this to inet for ipv4 or inet6 for ipv6.

#    ...
#    CheckHostIP yes
     AddressFamily inet
#    ConnectTimeout 0
#    ...

Afterwards any program that uses ssh will be forced to follow this configuration unless a different configuration is specified when you execute at the command line using the -4 or -6 ssh options.

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