I have a few zip files and am wondering if there is a way to verify if they are mean't to be open together. For example, if you go to Google Drive and download something, they normally will split the files after it gets too big. If I have three files, file1.zip, file2.zip, and file3.zip, normally trying to open and extract file2.zip results in corrupt/incomplete errors. Are there certain headers or indicators to see if they are all linked? If they are linked I would normally use a command in terminal like

7za x \*.zip

to open them.

  • You can use a hex editor to look at the files. zip files usually start with the letters PK. But if a zip file was split into several files, only the first one will start with PK and the others will have random characters at the start. – SpiderPig Oct 8 '17 at 0:36
  • I suppose your best source here is the PK format: pkware.cachefly.net/webdocs/casestudies/APPNOTE.TXT. Section 8.3.3. If you're trying to automate the parsing from the command line/batch file in some way: 7z.exe l filename will give you info on the index and number of volumes so you could use that. As per the suggestion from @SpiderPig. You could use the native command line tool certutil.exe and pipe to find.exe to look for the PK header, e.g. certutil -dump file.zip.001 | find "000000 50 4b" – HelpingHand Oct 8 '17 at 10:50

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