I'm using Cmder with WSL and half the time, arrow keys don't work. I noticed that this is because Cmder tabs open in Windows mode half the time. Arrow keys work when it's in xterm mode, but not when its in Windows mode.

How can I force it to always be in xterm mode?

Edit: Also, sometimes AppKeys is off when I open a new tab. Is there a way to force it to stay on?

  • First of all you should use latest ConEmu build – Maximus Oct 10 '17 at 18:44

Add -cur_console:p5 to the task you are launching (or you can use new_console instead of cur_console)

Excerpt from https://github.com/ConEmu/ConEmu.github.io/blob/master/en/NewConsole.md :

p[N] - pty modes, N - bitmask: 1 - XTermKeys, 2 - BrPaste, 4 - AppCursorKeys; default is 5 (1+4)

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