Can I go ahead and install a Windows Home Server using an MSDN iso (en_windows_home_server_installation_disc_x86_dvd_x14-24276.iso), and activate it later when my OEM box arrives (OEM sku as bought from Amazon, http://www.amazon.co.uk/Microsoft-OEM-Home-Server-WIN32/dp/B001E5Q8CO/) , or will I have to wait and use the media that ships with the license?

  1. I know that you can not do his with the trial, but the MSDN iso is listed as "retail".
  2. I do not wish to use the MSDN activation key for this install.

The OEM license will likely NOT activate the MSDN license. My experience has been that the keys from MSDN work fine, but other keys, especially OEM, "not so much"


Short answer, it works.

I did install from the MSDN iso. It informed me I had 30 days before requiring activation. I ran for 2 weeks without activation. Then my OEM license arrived and I activated the server with the OEM product key without any problem. No reinstall required.

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